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Who am I?  I'm a twenty-something year old singer enjoying a wide variety of musical endeavors.  You can catch me partying with the Honky Tonk Casanovas, exploring contemplative lyrics with singer/songwriter Michelle Swan, or indulging in my roots with favorite covers and originals when playing solo or with my husband in The Berries & The Cherries.  I have come to believe that life is far too short to lock yourself into a box.  I love that I get to participate in such a wide variety of musical projects, and look forward to many more years of exploring my musical boundaries.

Want to hire me? Or one of my musical partners?  Or just say HI!  I JUST SAW YOU AND I LOVE YOU!?  Shoot me an email at the address below.

You want to support my music?  Sign up for the monthly newsletter, identify a gig you can make it to, and come have some fun!

If you are here looking for how to help fund my music, you can send your contributions using the following options:


PayPal :

Venmo : @cherith-b-yuly 

What do I hope to do with enough funding?  I hope to do the following:

1. Record an album of my original music

2. Participate in songwriting activities to improve my skills and add original music to my repertoire.

3. BIG PICTURE GOAL - create a space to host intimate live music festivals and animated film festivals.

Thanks for visiting my internet home!  I look forward to meeting you again soon!


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